Sugar ‘n Spice uses a developmental program designed with special activities for infants through kindergarten. This program recognizes that every child is individual and unique because development is influenced by experience, personality, and ability. Since children do not progress at the same rate, their progress is never measured against one another.

Every child, however, will experience the same development stages in the same order. We achieve these goals through the use of Learning Centers. Learning Centers are areas where children can direct their own play. They allow the child to direct his own learning in a developmentally appropriate way.

The teacher adds complexity to tasks by questioning, encouraging, and suggesting appropriate language. Our learning centers encourage development of the following basic skills:  Language, Cognitive, Creative, Sensory, Emotional, Physical, and Social. We help children to develop self esteem by:

  • Encouraging self expression and teaching a child independence.
  • Building self-awareness and an awareness of their environment.
  • Giving children choices and responsibility.
  • Encouraging their improvement through practice and focusing.
  • Communicating in a respectful tone of voice which promotes trust and cooperation.
  • Helping each child feel successful in all of his efforts.

At Sugar ‘n Spice, we use a Developmental curriculum written specifically for our children. It was created to develop memory, comprehension, problem solving, decision making and creative thinking. It is important to remember that children learn in leaps, plateaus, and regression; therefore, a challenging as well as nurturing environment is necessary to stimulate development.

Learn more about our age specific programs:

Parent Testimonials

“Very first time I viewed the campus, I felt at ease and comforted. I know this was the right place for my child. I saw her take her first steps there. The staff has always worked with me on anything we’ve needed. All staff are very nice and knowledgeable. They have helped me raise my

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