Preschool (Almonds and Peppermints)

  • Our Preschool Program is focused on School Readiness and Building Self Esteem. Through Problem Solving, the children learn to recognize, understand, and analyze problems in order to use previous experiences and knowledge to find solutions.
  • Our Almonds are learning more Fine Motor Skills and continuing to use center-based play in addition to hands on learning.
  • Our Peppermints are perfecting their Fine Motor Skills and are learning to write their names, and are developing more complex problem solving and creative thinking techniques.

Pre-K (Cinnamon Sticks)

  • Our Pre-K Program is designed to ensure that all of our children are ready to thrive when they enter Kindergarten. We are in contact with the many schools and programs around our area to ensure that our Pre-K Graduates are ready to excel when they begin Kindergarten.
  • Our Cinnamon Sticks are exposed to a wide range of learning activities in order to thrive in their creative thinking, complex problem solving, advanced social interaction, and decision making

Parent Testimonials

“Very first time I viewed the campus, I felt at ease and comforted. I know this was the right place for my child. I saw her take her first steps there. The staff has always worked with me on anything we’ve needed. All staff are very nice and knowledgeable. They have helped me raise my

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